Pursuing Excellence through Education 

We believe in each other

Making a difference in all that they do – our school motto “We Will Shine!” encompasses what we desire for our children.

Your family school

Our vision is to develop a well-rounded community of diverse learners by creating a caring and nurturing environment.

The school programme is constantly re-evaluated to keep pace with worldwide education trends and developing technology. Children are encouraged to think creatively and independently, as this develops leadership qualities. Constant stimulation using the latest educational aids and equipment challenges the children each day.





The Staff at The Valley School

It is our goal to reach every student who enters the school, to ignite in them an intense desire to learn and to continue learning throughout their life.

The Valley School was established in 1981 to serve the educational needs of the children in the community. New enthusiastic, vibrant teachers as well as the original team, continue to give the children in their care all the love and encouragement needed to build confident and well-balanced individuals.

Empowering our students to be progressive and happy in an ever changing world

A combination of Traditional and Montessori teaching methods are used allowing the child to progress at their own pace. The Valley children for successful integration into private and government South African Schools as well as those abroad,

We do all that is possible to carefully plan an environment where the child can realise their full potential and thus make the best possible use of their life. An atmosphere is created that encourages responsibility, self-discipline and co-operation in the group, social interaction and a positive self-image.


Focusing on teaching skills, concepts and knowledge which are essential for further learning.


We encourage not only the talented child to participate but whole class participation which assists in producing confident young people.


We believe that sport is imperative to maintaining a healthy balance which is vital to the development of a child.