Enrolment & Fees

General Admission & Fee Information

We have kept our fee increases as low as possible to help parents.

Application Form

Download the form
The application form download link is below.

Form Completion

Documents required
The form must be signed by both parents unless one parent is solely responsible for all educational aspects.

Please include the following when submitting an application for enrolment form:

  1. Copy of both parents Identity Documents
  2. Copy of your child’s birth certificate
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Copy of your child’s most recent report
  5. Immunisation record card
  6. Financial clearance letter


Submitting your application
Please submitted via email, attaching all the required documents, to info@thevalleyschool.co.za or hand in personally to our office.


The approval process
  1. The application will be assessed and a date for the learner to be assessed will be given.
  2. The learner will be assessed and parents will receive feedback regarding acceptance.
  3. Payment of the security fee (R1,500.00) must be made to secure the learner’s place (Please retain the proof of payment for record purposes).
  4. Enrolment will be confirmed.

School Fees

We have once again kept our fee increases as low as possible, to help parents who are finding it increasingly difficult to meet all their expenses in our economic climate.
Fees are payable strictly in advance for each new month, or each new term, beginning on the 1st January. Where fees have not been received by the 7th of each month interest will be charged as stated in our conditions of enrolment. Should fees however be more than one month in arrears, The Valley School reserves the right to enforce the enrolment agreement, and the child will not be allowed to return to school until the fee are paid up to date. No exceptions will be made.

These payment options are only available to children attending the full school year. If children enrol at any other time during the school year, they will be required to pay on the 1 December as well.


  • Per day
  • Add Hoc attendance
  • Children not collected promptly will be enrolled


Bank Charges
Fees that are paid in cash to our bank account will result in bank charges being added to your child’s account. Please pay via EFT or Debit Order – Where this is not possible, cash may be paid into our office (a cash receipt must be given).


Notice Period
The Valley School require one full term written notice (4 months) in the event of a Parent wishing to de-register a pupil. Should this not be received, a full term’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged. Collection of fees will be handed over to a debt collection agency, who will then add interest and penalties.

Fees not included

Extra Murals
Extramural classes are not included in the school fees after grade 3 and all payments are to be made directly to the relevant teachers.


Late Collection
Children not collected promptly will be enrolled into the Aftercare and a full day’s fees will be charged.

A penalty fee of R100 will apply for late collection of children after 5.00pm and R200 for collection after 5.30pm.

Conditions of enrolment

For each enrolment, the following form will be supplied for signing as agreement to the conditions of enrolment.
  1. The school gates open at 07.00am. School lessons begin at 07.30am.
  2. School Aftercare facility closes at 5.00pm.
  3. Filtered water is available at all times for children to drink. Parents, however, supply their children with a mid-morning snack.
  4. No toys sweets or chewing gum may be brought to school These lead to strife with other children and are disruptive to the daily programme.
  5. The school is closed for the independent school holidays as well as the mid-term breaks.
  6. Parents are asked to notify the school should their child not be attending school due to illness, holiday etc. A doctor’s note is required if children in Grades R to 7 miss school for more than 1 day.
  7. The school must be informed of any change of address, telephone numbers etc. This is very important in case of emergencies.
  8. The school and its teachers are not responsible for injuries children may receive or property that may be lost or damaged in their attendance. Children will however, be supervised at all times.
  9. Parents are asked to contact the school should they be at all concerned about their child’s progress.
  10. No refunds are made for absenteeism and fees must be paid in full when children are away.
  11. Parents agree to abide by the rules, regulations policies and procedures of he school as determined and annunciated by the principal.
  12. The enrolment of pupils shall be subject to the discretion of the Principal.
  13. The school shall be given one term’s notice of termination of enrolment of a pupil. Failing which the full amount of the following term’ fees will immediately become due and payable.
  14. On acceptance of the pupil and before a pupil’ admission to the school an amount of R8 000.00 shall be payable as a security deposit. This amount is refundable without interest on receipt of a full term’s written notice, less fees outstanding.
  15. Each term’s fees are payable in advance, on or before the first day of each term. Non-payment of fees shall entitle the school to cancel the enrolment of the child forthwith. Overdue payments shall accrue interest monthly at a rate of 25% per annum.
  16. Fees that are paid in cash to our bank account will result in bank charges being added to your child’s account. Please pay via EFT or Debit Order – Where this is not possible, cash may be paid into our office (a cash receipt must be given).
  17. On application for admission an amount of R1,500 application and assessment fee is required. Proof of payment of this amount should accompany the application.
  18. Fees are not all-inclusive and the school shall be reimbursed for all the expenditure incurred by the school on behalf of the pupil.
  19. The school may, at its sole discretion, grant refunds and make changes and adjustments of fees and other charges and shall give one term’s notice.
  20. The school shall be entitled to instruct its attorneys to attend to the collection of outstanding accounts and both Parents (whether natural, adoptive, or foster Parents), shall be jointly liable for the payments of all the costs so incurred on the scale as between attorney and own client, including collection fees.
  21. The Parents (whether natural, adoptive, or foster Parents), hereby indemnify and agree to hold harmless The Valley School, the Principal and Staff, or the authorized agents or representatives of the aforementioned against any or all claims, however arising out of injury, death, lo, damage, cost or expense, including legal costs, suffered by the pupil or a third party as a result of or during the enrolment of a pupil.